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Christmas Paddling

Santa hat

If you are training in the morning bring a Santa’s hat to celebrate Chrissy!
After that the following early morning sessions are in place.

Tuesday 27th – Manly
Wednesday 28th -Manly
Thursday 29th – Balmoral
Friday 30th -Manly
No Tuesday morning sessions at Balmoral.


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Friday night Time-Trial – December 23rd

The short course time trial is on Fri night starting from 6.30pm. BBQ afterwards – all welcome. Water Slide open for the kids
Let me know if you are keen by emailing

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Mr Leech in Inside Sport

Inside Sport

Here’s an extract from Inside Sport
Great publicity for ozpaddle and your opportunity to win a pair of sunnies.

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The official Chrissy Cup results

Cliffie smiles whilst everyone else reflects on what might have been if only they had followed his strict rules – no french fries, no coca cola, train 15 times a week, no sex before the big race, and liberal helpings of stuff he learnt about during the 90’s working for Biosym, a molecular modelling software company.

For some reason Leechy gave me these results in order of achievement. A cruel thing to do in my eyes, but at least i can apply editorial control

BOMBER 27.24  
DEREK 27.41  
PAT 28.15  
CRAIG 28.25  
ANGIE 28.41  
STEPHEN 28.42  
ANGUS 28.51  
CHUCKY 28.52  
JOHN 29.05  
WILLIAM 29.25  
NICK 29.35  
DANNY 29.45  
GRANT 30.09  
BEN 30.15  
ZOE 30.25  
PHIL 30.48  
CLIVE 28.48  
Short Course    
FIONA 28.15  
HELEN 28.21  
JUDY 29.01  

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Time-Trial Results from December 9th

Friday, 25 November 2005 Friday, 9 December 2005
Surf Ski’s Short -course Long-course
John H 27.07
Cliff H 24.12 42.2
Kieth 24.11
Derek N 24.16 43.16
Leechy 22.19
Jeff 26.29 50.36
Brian D 25.59 44.3
Chucky 25.37 46.4
John B 43.1
Bomber 48.33
Craig 46.12
Ben 50.05
Kayaks Short – course      Short – course
Fiona N 18.22 19.08
Danny F 17.29 17.35
Greg M 19.49
Ben 17.09
Turia 20.09
Melva 22.09
Angie 17.19 17.3
Pat O ‘C 17.14
Gary D 17.46
Janelle K 25.35
Jack 18.05

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Make sure you subscribe!

As updates are published to this site, you’ll get notification to your email address but only if you subscribe! To subscribe, go to the ozpaddle website and enter your email address in the lower left corner. Do it now!
Also ….don’t forget to click on the comments section after each post to see other people’s contributions and make some of your own…..but please … keep it clean!:>)

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Chrissy Cup – Cliff retains the crown!

Balmoral resident Cliff Holloway repeated his 2004 win in style this morning, beating twenty odd competitors to the finish line.
Cliff holds his trophiesBomberI did it all for my boy

Other notable performances included Chris ‘Bomber” Lancaster. Savvy Derek Nix was also able to surf along to a useful third place.

Cliff put everything down to the more rigorous Balmoral training regimen he’s enjoyed in the second half of the year, though he did express some mild disappointment with the final placings for fellow Balmoral Boys Phil Cronin and Clive Roberts. Both intended to play pacesetters for Cliffy, but blew up after 35 metres and Duracell man had to go it alone.

As always congratulations to the nine people who managed to keep Charles ”Chuckie” Stewart in 10th place. A single number placing still eludes the old man.
All the results, and more commentary, will be published very soon – in the meantime enjoy some of the photos from the day. You can also click on the images above.

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