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Time Trial Results

Depending upon if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, you may need to click once on the spreadsheet below to see a clearer image of the timetrial results.

Struggling a bit with getting this in the blog. Work on that for next time.


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Cliff vows an appeal

Little did Cliffie ‘Duracel’ Holloway know as he tucked into his barbequed beef on Friday evening, that an appeal was being lodged with respect to the speciifications of his surf-ski. Whilst Cliff is devastated, I’m compelled to put him into his own √≥ther craft’ category until the matter is resolved.


The agitators, whilst remaining anonymous, were muttering something about his boat being too long, too sleek, and too …er….well just a better boat than theirs basically.
If anyone can make an objective ruling here, I’m all ears. ….
Anyway, the results are on their way

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Balmoral Training

Balmoral Training is definitely on as normal this Australia Day Thursday January 26th. Normal time – 6.30am. See you then!

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Training fees

Hi Guys

Due to an increase in no.’s training & the opening of the Manly Harbour store its time for me to get serious & give the regulars a monthly rate that is beneficial to you.

I have worked on the ratio that if you train 2 times a week it comes to $200 a month.
So I have set the monthly rate at $200 (+ GST) so any sessions more than this are free.
I can give you guy’s a invoice so that it is tax detuctable.
Let me know your thoughts.
This way you don’t have to turn up with cash all the time.

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Ozpaddle Photos

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