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War on the Water – Helen’s photos

helen and guy

Good job that WOGOW (Wife of GOW), one Helen Leech was on hand to capture the War on the Water evening in style. From this first photo, it looks like the audience at the War on Water was bigger than any of us imagined.

The photos look a bit stretched because they are just 320×240.


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Chuckie’s Blog – a personal account


This morning's paddle session was a surf ski session at Manly.
The Great Ocean Warrior told the six of us – "let's go to Dobroyd Pt – I will make men out of you."
So off we paddled. As we paddled around the point into a strong westerly – I noted a large wave feathering into the middle of the bay about 150 across from Dobroyd Point. The Great Ocean Warrior then suggest we paddle nearer the rocks where he and Pat were sitting. I pointed out to him that waves were feathering across in the bay away from the point and perhaps that wasn't wise.
He said "they won't break there! And then he said "here comes one now, Derek paddle hard."
Derek did paddle for 15 seconds and then as the 8 foot wave started to feather and he looked like plunging down the big face – thought better of it and pulled back.
At the time he was 40 meters further across from the GOW and Patrick – in deeper water. (more…)

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War on the Water – Manly sneaks home

Its official. Zoe from Balmoral took out the womens title in fine style. In lesser news the Manly men squeezed a narrow victory over an unlucky and brave Balmoral team……

Actually its not true ..Manly trounced Balmoral and your Blogmaster has to apologise for not getting a more official update onto the website. I have been moving house and dealing with other complexities and for once have failed to find the time for what is really important. Yes, it would have been different if Balmoral had won.

I'll be updating with a bit of fun video and more details very shortly so watch this space. 

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