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War on the Water Revisited


Having seen the Getaway segment last week I felt compelled to take the footage off the videocamera and remind ourselves what ozpaddle is all about. The unsanitised version, where musclemen from Manly are willing to give their life for the pride of their suburb and where Balmoral ironmen are willing to get really really out of breath…..

Click on the image to see the video. Crank up the volume to maximum.


May 22, 2006 at 9:19 am 2 comments

War on the Water – Helen’s photos

helen and guy

Good job that WOGOW (Wife of GOW), one Helen Leech was on hand to capture the War on the Water evening in style. From this first photo, it looks like the audience at the War on Water was bigger than any of us imagined.

The photos look a bit stretched because they are just 320×240.

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War on the Water – Manly sneaks home

Its official. Zoe from Balmoral took out the womens title in fine style. In lesser news the Manly men squeezed a narrow victory over an unlucky and brave Balmoral team……

Actually its not true ..Manly trounced Balmoral and your Blogmaster has to apologise for not getting a more official update onto the website. I have been moving house and dealing with other complexities and for once have failed to find the time for what is really important. Yes, it would have been different if Balmoral had won.

I'll be updating with a bit of fun video and more details very shortly so watch this space. 

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Manly adopts new mascot


The Manly team have adopted a new mascot as they prepare for the upcoming War on the Water. A Manly spokesman confirmed that Sally Robbins embodies everything the Manly team stands for.

  • If you get tired …take a rest
  • Winning isn’t all that important
  • Go out strong …blow up at the end

Looks good for the Balmoral contingent.

Meanwhile – definite signs that some legitimate content is required for the blog – whats the story on time-trial updates – and perhaps some right-of-reply should be granted to the Manly team.

cya 6.30am Thursday morn with the Dreamteam

March 8, 2006 at 4:59 pm 3 comments

Balmoral versus Manly

Whilst ripping into some spare ribs after last Thursday morning’s paddle at Balmoral, there was definitely some chatter about the possibility of an event along these lines in the non-too-distant future. Perhaps late March?

If you live north of the Spit Bridge you represent Manly. That makes Cliffie, Derek and recent free transfer, Pat Cody, Balmoral residents.

Thought this would be a good forum to discuss exactly how and when the race takes shape.  Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below.

February 27, 2006 at 8:30 am 5 comments

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