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This morning's paddle session was a surf ski session at Manly.
The Great Ocean Warrior told the six of us – "let's go to Dobroyd Pt – I will make men out of you."
So off we paddled. As we paddled around the point into a strong westerly – I noted a large wave feathering into the middle of the bay about 150 across from Dobroyd Point. The Great Ocean Warrior then suggest we paddle nearer the rocks where he and Pat were sitting. I pointed out to him that waves were feathering across in the bay away from the point and perhaps that wasn't wise.
He said "they won't break there! And then he said "here comes one now, Derek paddle hard."
Derek did paddle for 15 seconds and then as the 8 foot wave started to feather and he looked like plunging down the big face – thought better of it and pulled back.
At the time he was 40 meters further across from the GOW and Patrick – in deeper water. (more…)


April 10, 2006 at 3:43 pm 4 comments

Manly adopts new mascot


The Manly team have adopted a new mascot as they prepare for the upcoming War on the Water. A Manly spokesman confirmed that Sally Robbins embodies everything the Manly team stands for.

  • If you get tired …take a rest
  • Winning isn’t all that important
  • Go out strong …blow up at the end

Looks good for the Balmoral contingent.

Meanwhile – definite signs that some legitimate content is required for the blog – whats the story on time-trial updates – and perhaps some right-of-reply should be granted to the Manly team.

cya 6.30am Thursday morn with the Dreamteam

March 8, 2006 at 4:59 pm 3 comments

Check out Chuckie


Tomorrow, Saturday March 4th, marks an annual event. Hundreds of Manly foreshore onlookers historically gather to watch Charles ”Chuckie” Stewart climb out of his surf-ski after a strenuous 11km Bridge to Manly paddle.
Paddlers will start under the Harbour Bridge after which the paddlers will head East to a turning boat near Fort Denison. They then go to another turning boat at Bradley’s Head. After rounding Bradley’s Head the paddlers will keep to the Western Shore to a marker off Dobroyd Head. They then proceed to Ocean World and Manly Wharf.

Most of the competitors usually get off their ski and continue their day like normal human beings. Ever the comedian, Chuckie likes to entertain the tourists with his hilarious impression of ‘ the man with no legs‘. Make sure you are somewhere close to Ozpaddle’s Manly HQ to see this year’s performance.

March 3, 2006 at 3:07 pm 6 comments

R.I.P Cliffie’s six pack

Exciting new evidence has emerged over recent weeks concerning the physical benefits of paddling. That’s good for most of us, but bad for Cliff Holloway.
Take a look at the following evidence.The following are actual photographs we took of Cliff Holloway on winning the Chrissie Cup back in December.


Taut, sinewy muscle definition, extraordinary abdominals.
Tragic circumstances have beset Cliffie over recent weeks. Cliff has gone out and got himself a real job. Whilst the rest of the crew continue to enjoy the late summer mornings at both venues, Cliffie’s physical condition deteriorates daily as he rests his capuccino on his developing beergut and listens to Kyle and Jackie O in the Epping Road traffic. Here’s a couple of shots from mid February and late February respectively

So whilst ozpaddle is good for your health, the converse is also true. Little or no ozpaddle means no sixpack. Unlucky Cliff. Nice corporate shirt though.

February 23, 2006 at 2:09 pm 3 comments

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